Free Football for Kids Singh Sabha

Singh Sabha is a registered charity founded in 2001 to provide free football to all kids in the Smethwick area and surrounding neighbourhoods.

Since 2010 Supafly Roadshow have donated their services and are now an official sponsor of Singh Sabha.

Each year a fundraising event is held in December which culminates in a festive, joyful, family friendly event for all to enjoy. Members of the community buy tickets to attend, including the families of the kids that play in the league. The venue, food, drink, decor, and entertainment are all volunteered and donated by different individuals and businesses.

All the money raised is used to fund the upcoming season. This includes buying footballs, football kits, nets, training equipment, hiring pitches, paying referees and probably some other stuff I'm not aware off.

For this event we invariably take two subwoofers and two top speakers along with moving gobo lights mounted on trussing with LED uplights, smoke machines and screens of some description. For the first few hours we play a range of music at a moderate volume. During this time a number of things are occurring, people are arriving and taking their seats at their allocated tables. Snacks and soft drinks are on hand and the bar is open.

There are a few ways the charity raises money during the event. A raffle is one example. Tickets are sold and a draw takes place later in the evening. Prizes are donated by the local community and businesses. Then there is an auction, where people are bidding for a signed and framed football shirt. Previous ones have included Eric cantona signed Manchester United shirt, John Barnes signed Liverpool shirt and Thierry Henry signed Arsenal shirt.

Next comes a live performance. This over the years has included group dancers, musicians, singers, drummers and others. These high energy, uptempo performances get the crowd going and set the mood for the rest of the night. By now people are mingling with one another, the drinks are flowing and the food has been dished up.

After the raffle has been drawn and prizes collected it is time for the awards ceremony. The categories include, team of the season, manager of the season and golden boot winner. This is across each of the 3 age group categories. The winners come forward to collect their trophy and and have a photo.

After this there is only one thing left to do and that is to DANCE! So we turn up the volume, get the crowd hyped and start mixing pure bangers. The dance floor is never empty, we usually end the night with a few Christmas songs. A really enjoyable and rewarding occasion.