Kickboxing Tournament

This assignment involved providing PA equipment, visual effects and DJ at a kickboxing tournament in Birmingham.....

We got there around 9am, the ring was being set up and the tournament was due to begin at 11:30. We had brought 4 top speakers and 4 subwoofers to give it that real pomp.

As the fighters started to arrive we met with them and their teams to discuss how they wanted to be introduced and what song they wanted for their entrance. A couple of them were unsure about the song so we suggested, Buju Banton, 'Walk like a champion' for one and Conroy Smith 'Dangerous' for the other.

While the teams were getting registered and the crowd growing we had a selection of music playing, mainly current chart stuff with some garage, dancehall, house and grime. In addition to the sound we provided 2 wireless microphones, the visuals effects which included moving gobo lights, lazer lights, LED lights, smoke machines and flame effect lighting all of which really added to the spectacle.

One fighters entrance stood out in particular as he had a live rapper bring him to the ring, I can't remember the name but it was peak. So this event was a whole tournament and went on throughout the day.

Foreign fighters had come from abroad to represent their countries such as Poland, France and Spain. The competition was fierce both male and female. We had to make sure we knew the schedule and introduced the correct bouts at the right time and also to make sure we played the correct entrance songs as the contestants made their way to the ring.

While the fights were taking place we kept the music off but as soon as the bell sounded for the end of the round we would have a song ready to play for the one minute interval. Once the referee announced the next round we would immediately drown the music out.

Overall the event was a huge success, the crowd was very lively and several people said they loved the music and well done. For me it's one of the most enjoyable shows to date.

DJ Jat

Supafly Roadshow Team